Some of our huskies come to our rescue in severe distress, needing more than just a loving home and some TLC. Our “medical huskies” require prolonged or life long medical treatment, whether it be insulin for diabetes, medication for valley fever, or treatment for parvo. Many times these huskies are challenging to adopt out, and remain in the care and love of foster homes for their lives. These huskies cost the rescue thousands of dollars as we provide the foster all food, treatment and veterinary costs for the life of the husky.

Kota was an owner surrender. He had an untreated autoimmune disease that was attacking his skin and eyes and left him partially blind. He bounced between a few foster homes before arriving with Dannia and her family. She had recently lost one of her rescue dogs to cancer and was hesitant to take on another animal so soon. She agreed to let him crash for short time before an adoption event, but her dogs took to Kota immediately and she knew he was going to be part of the pack! After a year and a half on meds, Kota’s skin condition has gotten exponentially better and we’ve been able to lower his dose of Prednizone. Kota will require medication and medical care for his autoimmune disease for his entire life. He’s a huge love bug, giving kisses and begging for belly rubs from anyone he meets.

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Wolfie came to us from Arizona Humane Society at just 3 months old. He was struggling to use his back legs. After a lot of very expensive diagnostics, it was determined that Wolfie had a neurological issue and he would never have the use of his back legs fully and he was completely incontinent. Our forever foster Peggy is a saint – she caters to Wolfie’s every need. Recently, were donated wheels to give him more mobility and it has completely changed his life! Unfortunately, we also had to amputate one of his back legs due to an infected wound that could not heal from the way he would drag it. Since then, he has been thriving in physical therapy and living his best life! Would you believe that he is a HUGE swimmer? Dogs like Wolfie continue to amaze us with their strength and attitude. Wolfie will need continued sponsorship for physical therapy, medication, and of course upgrades and repairs to his wheels as he gets older. Right now, Wolfie is in desperate need of a new pair of wheels. Can you help?

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