“We had moved to Scottsdale with our two large dogs (plus Iris our turtle!)  When our youngest son left for college, I was feeling a bit blue and did something I never ever do…I looked at Maricopa County website.  I sat there with a broken heart looking at all the sad faces on my screen until I came across a starved, scared, husky/malamute.  I jumped in to action reaching out to anyone I knew who could point me in the right direction to save this boy. Lucky Huskies saved him and posted for an emergency foster.  I talked to my husband and we agreed to step up.  We had adopted rescue dogs for many years but were never a foster.  So, we went through the interview process, home check and were approved.  His name at the time was Bearcloud. He was brought to our house…He slowly got out of her car and gave my hand a kiss and leaned against me as if to say…I’m so glad to be home.  I think he was relieved to have an end in sight on the long journey he must have been on.  We did the proper meet and greets with our two dogs but things were a bit tense.  He was in our laundry room where he could watch us all but had a gate across so the dogs could all get used to each other.  On the 3rd day, I ran some errands…when I got back there was no dog in the laundry room.  Bearcloud had escaped the gate!  I thought for sure I would find a mess or signs of the dogs not getting along.  As I came through, I saw every dog toy we owned strewn about (like they had a party!) and here came Bearcloud and Aurora as happy as could be.  From that moment on – we had doggy harmony.  Our son came in for the weekend, took one look in his eyes and said, “We must keep him and name him Apollo, God of the Sun”.  And that was that…Apollo was our foster fail.  I call him my Golden Jet as he has gorgeous golden eyes and a calm demeanor.  It was meant to be.” – Cheryl L., Lucky Huskies Adoption Counselor

On New Years Eve, we got an email from a woman asking if we would take her three-year-old husky who was dying of bone cancer. The person who runs our rescue, Andrea, had to compose herself before calling her, having made the decision to say yes, though without any idea what angel would take in a dying husky. During the conversation, we learned that her dog Denali, who lived most of the year in AZ, had been diagnosed in Michigan six months prior. She said he had been managing with pain meds, but now she could no longer afford those. He had been off the meds for 10 days and could barely eat or walk. We said “Bring him to us.” A foster angel agreed to take Denali. He was skinny, matted and weak, but his beautiful spirit was strong. We got him to the vet immediately, and began nutritious food and needed meds. We suspected that he might have Valley Fever and not cancer, as did our vet. Luckily he did not have bone cancer – though he wasn’t out of the woods. Denali’s Valley Fever titer was greater than the maximum reported, and he also had a serious eye condition, entropion, that would require eventual surgery. Thanks to the loving care of three foster families, today Denali is well on the road to full recovery, and has been adopted! His sparkling blue eyes have healed from surgery, and they are now wide open and healthy. We spent over $2,500 helping him heal, thanks to generous donors. Denali-Wildfire is one of those very, very loving beings, a special soul who reminds us why we rescue.

“Mako is my best friend, my greatest confidant, and my ultimate adventure partner. Mako (formerly Winter) was an owner surrender who spent her most of her first year crated more than 18 hours a day. I am forever grateful her owners did the right thing by contacting Lucky Huskies. I have wanted a husky since I was 16 and waited years until I was in the right house and right financial place to take on a husky. Albiet, I was a HUGE risk to adopt to – I was a first time husky owner, Mako was only 11 months old at the time, I worked decently long hours, etc…but I knew I could give Mako the life she deserved as I am a “weekend warrior” who loves to be outdoors as much as possible. Mako proved to be a challenge to train as most young huskies are, but with patience, dedication, love and of course, so many treats, she has become the best adventure partner I could ever ask for. Our weekends are spent backpacking, hiking, biking and paddleboarding all over AZ. We’ve completed 2 cross-country roadtrips so far, and have put hundreds of miles hiking under our paws. She’s an incredible off leash hiker with recall most husky owners would kill for, and she’s summited Flat Iron, Browns Peak, Humphries, Mt. Baldy in Cali and many more. She’s “funsized” at only 35lbs and is also the ultimate snuggler! She has taught me patience and the depth, strength and capacity of true love. She is my heart dog. Thank you Lucky Huskies!” – Kaetlynn D.

“Kayak was found wandering the not so kind streets of Phoenix and was picked up by Maricopa County Animal Control and saved by Lucky Huskies. Kayak was 40 pounds when I got him, no training and a little wild. Snuggling and a lot of petting was completely foreign to him, along with a brush. Patience and having a big brother and sister husky to show him the ropes was just what he needed. A year later his true personality has shown bright. He is a healthy 60lbs, He loves to play fetch, seeks out attention, loves going for walks and found his voice. A couple of months after Kayak’s 1 year anniversary with my pack, I adopted an 8 week old puppy from Lucky Huskies. They were able to save mom and 3 puppies in New Mexico from a backyard breeder leading to my adoption of Pongo. Pongo fit in from day 1, showing no fear of my current pack and ready to play. He has been great for Kayak. Kayak was still out of control at times when playing. Having a puppy around has really calmed him down. He has had to learn patience and the word gentle when it comes to the puppy. He now has someone to play tug of war and keep away with. Kayak was my unknown when it came to bringing Pongo home. And he is a great big brother!” – Chuck W.

“This is the story of our fur baby Niko. Niko was surrendered by his owner to Lucky Huskies. Niko and his companion were tethered in the backyard when a neighbor noticed that the companion dog had died and called Lucky Huskies to rescue Niko. When Lucky Huskies came to ask the owner to surrender him they noticed his bowl of food had ants mixed with the food and his water source had algae in it. We are grateful the owner surrendered Niko so the rescue could take care of his needs. Only two weeks later Niko was brought to an adoption event. We had always loved huskies and decided to go and look and play with them. We already had two rescues and were NOT looking to get a third (that’s what everyone says…right?). We went to the event and immediately noticed Niko. We were not looking to adopt another dog (he was 70lbs!) especially a very big dog and a male to boot. He was very sweet and so very gentle but again we were NOT getting another dog. So we left to go have lunch in a restaurant located in the same parking lot and spent the hour talking about how he was the perfect dog. IF we were to ever get another dog he would be it, because he was everything we would want in a fur baby. So we decided to go back to the adoption event to see if they were still there, as it was already past the time the event was to end. We said if he was still there it was meant to be. He was still there. Foster Nancy brought Niko to a successful meet and greet the next day with our two pups and Niko found his fur-ever home. And we could not be happier!” –Dorina R.