100% of your tax deductible donation supports the care of our rescued Huskies and Malamutes. We are an all-volunteer organization, with no salaries or overhead. We rely on the generosity of our donors for food, supplies and veterinary care. Foster families provide love, care and shelter while the dogs are waiting for their forever homes, and we cover all expenses.

Jonas’ transformation was made possible
by donations to Lucky Huskies from the public!

One Time Tax Deductible Donation

Your generous donation supports the Lucky Huskies Medical Fund.

Monthly Tax Deductible Donation

Every day we are asked to save huskies with severe medical issues. Your monthly contribution allows us to plan for expenses and save more lives! To help a specific dog in need, you can opt to Sponsor a Medical Husky.

After clicking the donate button, check the ‘Make this a monthly donation’ option on the donation page.